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OverWrite formed in 2017 as an independent movement of self-expression, in a place where Country/Rock music, either never existed or had faded away. Founded by vocalist Daniel Gallo and lead guitarist Juan Montaño, this new bold and exciting project began an incredible musical adventure.

By the end of September 2017, Daniel and Juan came across with two great musicians whose talent and expertise brought a unique touch to this exotic voyage. The well experienced and Funk rooted bass player David Mendoza and versatile Indie-Rock drummer Christian Van-Brackel.


The four began collaborating from different approaches based on all different musical backgrounds, but with a specific north always heading in the same direction. By 2018 what was set to be their first single, took another turn and even though it was almost done musically and lyrically, before its release they decided to take it up a notch and take it to the next level.

Furthermore, they decided to join forces with acclaimed musical producer, composer and sound engineer, Thomas Zuluaga. In conjunction with TyM Records, they achieved an exceptional and inspiring sound, incorporating distinctive melodies and elements which gave birth to this astonishing masterpiece and that would determine the path OverWrite would walk on.


In early 2019 their first single was finally released. It was the milestone that would forge the foundation and character of a selfless, innovating and attractive identity. Later that year, almost as a double feature, the next two singles were ready to see the light. Finally, this tremendous and outstanding year began its closure with a remarkable new sound for the band.

In 2020, OverWrite continue working to get their first studio album release that year. And on the verge of this electrifying and marvelous news, they released their fourth song. Due to unfortunate worldwide events during this year, all work on this album was posponed.


In the interest of expanding its boundaries and always with the commitment to seek the best sound, OverWrite in the year 2021 decided to integrate a new member into its bold and brilliant project.

This is how Juan Betancourt, a great pianist with a career of more than 7 years, decided to be part of this incredible journey. With invaluable experience and an amazing influence in classical music, Latin-flavored sounds, and immersed in pop/rock, he begins to bring elegant and unique sounds to OverWrite's already avant-garde style.


2023 was the year we said: "Let's finish what we started!"We entered the studio and boom! 5 more extraordinary singles were born, probably the best of our careers.

Band Members

Daniel Gallo

Co-founder / Lead Voice / Rhythm Guitar

"Music is the purest way for someone to express their feelings."

I’ve always had a taste for rock music and heavy metal but when I decided to form this band I wanted to explore new sounds and tendencies that aren’t popular in our region like country music.

Hobbies: Playing music, painting, playing golf and spending quality time with my family.

Juan Montaño

Co-founder / Lead Guitarist

"In the symphony of our existence, it is often the act of letting go that grants us the freedom to truly soar."

At the age of 8, I fell in love with music when I received a Ludwig van Beethoven CD. It sparked a passion that led me to become a musician. Now, as the lead guitarist of OverWrite, the band I co-founded in 2017, I blend my influences of blues and various rock currents to create a unique sound.

Hobbies: Soccer, golf, video games, movies.

David Mendoza


"How am I in musical terms?"

May be music saves my life, or through music I can find purpose or I was floating in a space where I could feel alive or living in a fantastic world or may be music was like a missile of freedom that exploding in my heart, or may be there was a time when I changed powerful fire weapons for a powerful bass guitar, or may be is a way of expression of myself. May be I am pretty sure music for me is everything I said and much more…

Hobbies: Cycling, reading, swimming, listening to the radio.

JuanSe Betancourt

Keyboards / Chorus

The melodies woven between the white and black keys with our hands flowing through time are a reflection of life itself, reminding us that "to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven".

Each note, each chord, transports me to a world of emotions where the true self resides. Music inspires my life and accompanies me always and forever.

Hobbies: Music, aviation, cars, reading, meteorology, spending time with my family and friends.

Christian Van Brackel

Drums / Percussion

For me, music comes from the highest place.

Since I was a child, I've been passionate about two things: music and aviation, gifts with which I was blessed. I love it when sounds come together to form harmonies, a gift that comes from the highest place to fill the soul and spirit.

Hobbies: Playing drums and guitar, flying planes, reading, playing tennis, enjoying nature.

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