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Review of OverWrite on the radio station Radiónica

Review of OverWrite on the radio station Radiónica

May 31, 2020
Times of pandemic, where sometimes everything came to a halt or new dreams were born, where we questioned if we were fulfilling our mission in this world, where we wondered if what was normal and routine would return someday, or if a new way of living was coming, or if those dreams that had been archived were meant to be dusted off... suddenly, in the face of a surrounding scarcity and a blurry future, something began to abound, and it was suddenly time... and something we began to see when we looked up to the sky searching for answers or asked ourselves questions with a fixed and lost gaze in the details of existence.

People, colors, trees, objects that came and went, sounds overflowing within us, which, as we learned to be silent, allowed us to hear... hear other music; suddenly, for some, the radio was a source of unease or perhaps panic, but there were other voices with beginnings, with a sense of something coming to life... this is what one station said, this is what "Iván Zamudio @ivanzamudio9" said on the air:

“We greet all of you who are listening to us through our FM frequency system, in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Santa Marta, Ríohacha, Málaga Santander, and Pereira. Remember, this is Demo Estéreo during quarantine, and it's time to take care of ourselves and stay at home, and of course, to take care of others, and what better way to do it than by listening to emerging sounds from all over the national territory...

Remember, Demo Estéreo is a space for support and promotion of local music productions by independent Colombian artists and their early musical processes.

We're starting the day with the first official release, presented by the band OverWrite, with a rock-country sound from the city of Bogotá. They bring us two songs titled Somebody New and Lift Me Up, new sounds, emerging sounds, the first release of the day with the band OverWrite from the city of Bogotá." Trannnn! The first riff of Somebody New on Radiónica.

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